Communicate more effectively and deepen your emotional connection to each other.

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Passion, Sex & Intimacy
Find out how to rekindle the fires of passion in your marriage.

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Build bridges across emotional wounds with the healing power of forgiveness.

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Relationship Checkup
Examine the strengths and weaknesses of your relationship with this helpful tool.

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Marriage Enrichment Special Offer

The Marriage Enrichment Package brings together a wide range of practical resources and special bonuses to add to your relationship toolbox.

A healthy marriage or relationship doesn't just occur by accident!

It is deliberately created and consistently nurtured by couples who have learned certain skills, most notably:

How to communicate effectively;

How to learn the art of compromise;

How to resolve repetitive relationship conflicts;

How to deepen emotional intimacy;

How to deepen sexual intimacy.

  The Marriage Enrichment bundle is a powerful, comprehensive resource designed for all committed, long-term couples seeking to improve their relationship, or for couples happy with their relationship that want to understand the psychology behind it and proactively learn the skills for effectively handling the inevitable bumps down the road.
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