3 Top Relationship Help Articles

Trying to find specific relationship help tips that are relevant to your marriage/relationship is no easy task—sometimes it’s even difficult to find what you’re looking for on one website. And my website, strengthen your relationship, is no exception. With hundreds of marital and relationship advice articles to sort through, finding the one or two articles that seem to speak directly to the issues of your marriage or relationship can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack.

The “blog topics” and “recent posts” sections on the right side column of my website can help direct you to specific marital and relationship issues that may be of interest. In addition to these navigational tools, I’d like to point out three articles that many couples have told me they find particularly helpful.

1) Emotional Intimacy

Emotional intimacy (the emotional closeness that you and your spouse/partner feel toward each other) is often considered the sine qua non of a healthy relationship. But finding ways to feel that deep sense of connection isn’t always easy. For strategies to deepen intimacy, check out my article:

5 Pathways to Greater Intimacy

2) Core Relationship Skills

A healthy marriage and relationship takes effort and work, but also knowledge and skill. There are core skills, what I call relationship fundamentals, that can help couples keep their relationship moving in the right direction. Too many couples never learned (or they start to overlook) the core building blocks of a healthy union. For a list of the fundamentals of a successful relationship, check out my article:

Relationship Building Blocks

3) Protecting Your Marriage/Relationship

I often tell couples that all relationships are vulnerable to the dangers of infidelity and therefore, we should never become complacent and believe our relationship is immune to certain realities that need to be monitored. Understanding the relationship conditions that can lead to an affair (or potential affair) is one way to protect your marriage/relationship.  To learn more about how to protect your relationship from an affair, check out my article:

5 Danger Zones That Can Lead To An Affair

These three relationship advice articles are a great way to get started down the path of relationship wholeness—each article covers essential relationship issues that are important to couples. But reading about different ways to protect your relationship shouldn’t be just a purely intellectual exercise; incorporating the information into your marriage or relationship is the real gift to a lasting, loving union. To this end, I encourage you to share this information with your partner so you can both develop a  plan on how to keep your relationship in top form.


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