Affair-Recovery Transitions to Healing

Affair recovery healing

Change in a relationship is inevitable after an affair. There is the immediate crisis that follows the discovery or revelation, and that typically includes shock, disbelief, and emotional upheaval. Whether the discovery of the unfaithfulness comes after a period of suspicion that something was amiss, or whether it seems to come from out of the Read More

Intimacy in Your Golden Years: Mindset Is Key

It’s an indisputable reality that our bodies change as we age, but when it comes to having a fulfilling intimate life in your marriage or relationship, you may be surprised to hear that your mindset is just as important as your physiology. The concept of “age-appropriate behavior” was originally used to track developmental progression in Read More

When Couples Fight: “Help! I Said Something I Can’t Take Back!”

We’ve all been in situations where we’ve had to bite our tongues, times when. we’ve felt justified in being angry—so much so that we surprise ourselves with the verbiage that pops into our heads. We want the other person to get an earful of our displeasure. Even through the haze of anger, though, we understand Read More

My Husband Wants Me to Be Happy and Sometimes This Causes Problems

If you’re a woman in a committed relationship, I’d like you to think about how your husband/partner reacts to you when you’re vulnerable — do your vulnerabilities bring out the best in him? Or does he react with annoyance, frustration or even anger? One wife wanted to share what she learned about her husband after Read More

Your Day-to-Day Relationship: Sharing Chores

Most of us complete chores without thinking deeply about why we’re doing them. And they don’t necessarily pull for overthinking—even the word chore has a connotation of just-push-through-it mindlessness. When you’re out of clean clothes, you fill the washing machine. You don’t get philosophical about potential underlying reasons why you’re filling the washing machine! And Read More

Why Do Couples Fight? The Truth About Bickering

“You missed the exit.” “Did not.” “Did too.” “Do you want to drive?” “That’s not fair. You know I don’t have my prescription glasses with me.” “Like you would’ve done any better if you had.” “A chinchilla rabbit would’ve done better than you.” “Ha, ha.”
 “You missed the exit.” “Did not!” ~~~ Sound familiar? If Read More

The Power of Empathic Listening and Setting Boundaries in Marriage

The ability to be moved by another’s pain is one of the distinguishing features of our humanity. When we feel for a person, we are emotionally impacted by their particular struggle or circumstance. When this occurs, we may be more likely to react compassionately in some way (for instance, giving a loved one who is Read More

3 Tips on How to Communicate with Your Spouse

The words you use (and don’t use) continually shape your relationship. If you believe the above statement to be true, this has real implications for your marriage (and relationships in general). It means you have significant influence in your relationship, an influence that arises from the word choices you make while communicating with your spouse/partner. Read More

Steering the Tides of Your Relationship

Today you have a choice. Actually, you have many choices. We all face decision points throughout our day—many of these decisions will be made automatically, with little reflection about why we’re choosing “A” over “B” or “C.” Marriages and relationships involve an abundance of choices. It’s overwhelming to have to reflect on the hundreds of Read More

Love and Affection in Your Relationship

SYR Podcast # 11 Session Notes  (Scroll down to end of notes for podcast audio) Love and affection go hand-in-hand. At least in theory they do. The reality is that many couples love each other yet despite their love, there is little-to-no affection in their relationship. It’s a curious phenomenon when we love someone (often Read More

The Lonely Marriage: The Pain of Feeling Alone in a Relationship

SYR Podcast # 10 Session Notes  (Scroll down to end of notes for podcast audio) “Tears do not burn except in solitude.” ~ Emil Cioran You probably aren’t a stranger to loneliness. We’ve all felt lonely at some point in our lives, especially after a painful breakup or when we wanted to feel close to Read More