Communication Breakthrough: A Couples Communication Guide

by Rich Nicastro, Ph.D.effective couples communication

List Price: $8.95

(164 page ebook available for immediate download)

Couples Communication Essentials in One Resource
There’s no way around it: Effective communication is the cornerstone of every marriage or relationship. But what if you and your spouse/partner aren’t communicating in healthy, effective ways? Build a stronger, more harmonious marriage/relationship through the power of effective communication.

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How to Spice Up Your Relationship: Sex, passion, intimacy & seduction in committed relationships

by Rich Nicastro, to spice up your relationship

List Price: $8.95

(197 page ebook available for immediate download)

Your Passion and Intimacy Guide

You don’t have to settle for a passionless marriage or relationship. How to Spice Up Your relationship is your blueprint to developing a more rewarding, deeper connection with your spouse or partner.

Discover the tools needed to spice up your sex life and find greater emotional intimacy in the process.

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Hurt by the One You Love: The Power of Forgiveness in Intimate Relationships

Self-Forgivenessby Rich Nicastro, Ph.D.

List Price: $8.95

(186 page ebook available for immediate download)

Your roadmap to letting go of anger and hurt

Misunderstandings, hurt feelings and frustration are natural and unavoidable in long-term relationships.  The inevitable woundings can be small and accumulate over time. Or the wounding may involve a devastating betrayal.  In either case,  forgiveness is essential to healing and maintaining a healthy marriage or relationship.

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Relationship Checkup: A Simple Way to Assess the Health of Your Relationship

by Rich Nicastro, Ph.D.marriage checkup

List Price: $11.95

(E-workbook available for immediate download)

Every marriage/relationship needs a checkup. Rather than leave the health of your most valued asset to chance, now you have an all-in-one resource that will give you a detailed picture of your relationship strengths and the specific areas of your relationship that need attention.

The comprehensive Relationship Checkup includes: The Relationship checkup Questionnaire, Relationship Coaching Questions for Success, a marriage/relationship checkup Companion article and a the Relationship Checkup Grid.

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Premarital Counseling Workbook for Couples by Lisa Brookes Kift, MFT

Are you recently married or planning to get married?

If so, congratulations on taking this important, exciting step!

You’re in the right place. Beyond saying “I do,” there are steps you can take today that can help you protect your tomorrows with your new partner.

Premarital counseling is becoming more and more popular for good reason—couples who prepare for their marriage are more likely to have a successful one.

Now you have a resource to help you strengthen your marriage from the comfort of your own home.

I wish I had this workbook when I first got married!

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