Communication Breakthrough: A Couples Communication Guide

Communication Breakthrough: A Couples Communication Guide

By Richard Nicastro, Ph.D.
Psychologist & Couples Counselor

I’ve created the  Communication Breakthrough Ebook with one goal in mind:effective couples communication

To break down the essential information about healthy communication into one, easy-to-use resource.

The benefit of effective couples communication is far-reaching:

  • Deeper emotional intimacy;
  • Greater harmony and fulfillment;
  • Less conflict, bickering and disagreements;
  • Mutual understanding and support;
  • An increased sense of togetherness and fun.

Whether you’re dating, getting married for the first time, remarried or together for fifty years, there’s no way around it:

A fulfilling marriage & relationship requires meaningful couples communication.

Sadly, the vast majority of couples who come to me for marriage therapy and couples counseling haven’t learned the skills needed to create a successful relationship. So many couples start their relationship assuming their love was immune to the marriage or relationship problems that so many couples face, only to find out down the road how challenging relationships can be–Does this sound familiar?

Even some of the best relationships suffer because couples simply don’t utilize the effective communication skills needed for a long-term, fulfilling union. Just because you’re deeply in love with your spouse/partner doesn’t mean your relationship is immune to the relationship stresses and challenges all couples face.

The fact is that most divorced people will tell you that at one time, they were head-over-heels in love with the person they later divorced. And there were probably moments when their relationship felt like an amazing gift. Sadly, feeling like you’ve finally found your soulmate isn’t enough to protect your relationship and ensure success.


effective couples communicationAs a psychologist and couples counselor, I’ve witnessed the transformative power of effective communication in the lives of couples–that’s why I created this e-book.

The simple truth is that there are no secrets or “quick fixes” to creating a happy marriage or relationship. What’s needed? Ongoing attention and specific communication tools.

Here’s some information about my communication workbook to help you decide if it’s right for you:

1. All 164 pages of my e-workbook are dedicated to the goal of helping you and your spouse/partner become highly effective communicators. We explore the core communication strategies you’ll need to create and maintain a strong relationship.

2. In Communication Breakthrough I break down the communication skills of the speaker and listener so that they’re easy to understand, use and remember. My focus throughout the ebook is to make the information practical and user-friendly for you and your spouse/partner.

3. The information I share is the result of my twenty years experience working as a psychologist  and couples counselor.  I want you to be confident that the practical information I offer comes from my professional training, as well as the up-to-date research in what goes into keeping your relationship healthy.

4. You’ll have access to dozens of effective communication exercises I use in my marriage therapy and couples counseling practice. These exercises are designed to help you integrate the information into your marriage/relationship in a meaningful way.

5. You’ll hear about real-life couples just like you — couples who struggle with the marriage and relationship issues we all face. For any book to be helpful, it must be relevant to your unique relationship struggles. In the Communication Breakthrough you’ll have a front-row seat to see what other couples are doing to become better communicators.

6. When you and your partner try to discuss sensitive issues (especially after a long and stressful day), defensiveness, misunderstandings and a break down in communication are more likely. Ongoing patterns of defensiveness can erode intimacy and spell serious trouble. You’ll learn the specific communication tools so that important, sensitive discussions lead to mutual understanding rather than defensiveness and frustration.

7. In your role as the listener you have the power to create a deeper, more rewarding connection with your spouse/partner. You’ll practice the 3 essential skills needed to listen in ways that promote greater understanding and intimacy.

8. You’ll learn how to assess and overcome your communication roadblocks that may be standing between you and your spouse/partner–roadblocks that can prevent deep emotional intimacy.

9. You and your spouse/partner will discover how certain assumptions create relationship blind-spots that can lead to chronic misunderstandings and unnecessary conflict. You’ll learn how to overcome your relationship blind-spots and bridge communication gaps.

10. The importance of body language is vital to relationship communication. You’ll learn how to become mindful of and use your body language to send a more powerful and convincing message to your spouse/partner.

Are you ready to make good communication a priority in your relationship?

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I look forward to the privilege of helping you make your marriage or relationship everything it can be!

Rich Nicastro, Ph.D.
Psychologist & Couples Therapist