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marriage enrichment


Do you yearn for deeper emotional intimacy with your partner?

Are your attempts at “meaningful conversation” going nowhere?

Has your sex life grown stale and unfulfilling?

Has conflict replaced connection?

Do you want to protect the relationship that’s central to your happiness?

A healthy marriage or relationship doesn’t just occur by accident!

It is deliberately created and consistently nurtured by couples who have learned certain skills, most notably:

How to communicate effectively;

How to learn the art of compromise;

How to resolve repetitive relationship conflicts;

How to deepen emotional intimacy;

How to deepen sexual intimacy.


The Marriage Enrichment bundle is a powerful, comprehensive resource designed for all committed, long-term couples seeking to improve their relationship, or for couples happy with their relationship that want to understand the psychology behind it and proactively learn the skills for effectively handling the inevitable bumps down the road.

The material is practical and thorough and user-friendly—it originates from the more than two decades I’ve worked with couples in counseling.


What people are saying:

“There’s so much information included in Dr. Nicastro’s Marriage Enrichment package. My husband and I go through some of the workbook exercises together, and it’s really bringing us closer together!”

Katherine P. – Colorado Springs, CO

“It was a real eye-opener when we took the Relationship Checkup and I saw how different my wife and I see certain areas of our marriage. I pretty much thought we were doing fine but there are clearly areas of our marriage that can be improved. I feel we have a good direction now on how to make things between us even better.”

Albert C. – Massapequa, NY

“Our conversations have really improved since using the information in the Communication Breakthrough and audio download. It’s felt like a breath of fresh air in our relationship. I feel like we have the tools to fall back on whenever we need to.”

Toni B. – Medford, OR

Here’s what’s included in this special offer:

I) Communication Breakthrough: A Couples Communication Guideeffective couples communication

The Communication Breakthrough is designed for couples who want to know how to communicate more effectively and how to improve communication skills.

Now you can have a comprehensive 164-page e-book that focuses entirely on giving you the communication tools you need to improve your verbal communication and listening skills!

When you make healthy communication a regular part of their relationship, the gifts are far-reaching:

Reduced marital conflict, bickering and emotional pain;

Increased harmony and emotional fulfillment;

Deeper emotional connection and intimacy;

A more rewarding sex life;

Feeling understood and supported by each other;

An increased sense of togetherness and the ability to enjoy one another.


Don’t you and your spouse/partner deserve these relationship gifts?


If you’d like more information to help you decide if my 164-page couples communication e-book is right for you and your relationship, click Communication Breakthrough.


II) How to Spice Up Your Relationship: Sex, Passion, Intimacy & Seduction in Committed Relationships

Sexual intimacy in marriage (and committed relationships) is a powerful expression of the love you feel and want to share with your spouse/partner.

For many couples, it is painful to be in a sexless or passionless relationship.

Does this describe your situation?

How to Spice Up Your Relationship is designed to give you the tools needed to reignite passionhow to spice up your relationship and reconnect sexually. It covers a wide range of issues related to sexual intimacy and sexual fulfillment.

You’ll explore:

The essential passion principles;

Your hidden attitudes about sex and how to overcome your negative sexual scripts;

Ways to nurture a more positive attitude about sex;

 What the infatuation stage of relationships can teach couples in long-term marriages or relationships;

 The hidden impact that stress has on sexual desire and intimacy;

How to become a more attuned, sensual lover;

And other practical, easy-to-use tips passion tips.

For more information to help you determine if my
196-page sex, passion and intimacy e-book is right for you, click How to Spice Up Your Relationship.


III) The Relationship Checkup E-Book: A Simple Way to Assess the Health of Your Relationshipis my marriage healthy

 How do you know if your marriage or relationship is healthy?

  Can you readily identify the strengths as well as the problem areas of your relationship?

The marriage checkup/relationship checkup gives you a powerful set of tools to assess the overall health of your relationship and helps you build a blueprint to move your relationship forward.

After you (and your spouse/partner) complete the relationship checkup, you’ll have a detailed roadmap of:


 The strengths and resilient parts of your marriage/relationship to build upon;

 Your strengths as a partner/spouse—strengths that can be nurtured throughout the life of your relationship;

 Potential relationship weak spots that may need attention right away;

 Potential relationship trouble spots that, if ignored, can grow and fester over time;

 A detailed picture of the areas of the relationship where you and your partner see eye-to-eye;

 A better understanding of the areas of the relationship where you and your partner differ;

And more.


Included in the Marriage/Relationship Checkup:

A 44-item checkup questionnaire;

A quick-reference Relationship Grid that gives you a clear picture of the essential areas of your relationship;

A special bonus report (Your Relationship Checkup is Long Overdue!);

A list of the most powerful counseling questions that I use with clients.

For more information to help you decide if the checkup is right for you, click Relationship Checkup.

Bonus #1

Communication Breakthrough Audio Downloadeffective couples communication

In this one-hour recorded tele-class (conducted by me, Dr. Rich Nicastro), you’ll discover:

The ten essentials of what makes up a healthy relationship or marriage;

The principles of effective communication;

Why effective communication is essential for intimacy and emotional connection;

Practical strategies that are easy to implement in your relationship;

The ABCs of effective speaking;

The ABCs of effective listening;

And more!

Bonus # 2

Seduction for Couples: 5 Tips to Enhance Your Sex Life

There is a significant difference between having sex and wanting to have sex.seduction for couples

Seduction for Couples is designed to help you and your partner use the psychology of seduction as a pathway to reigniting sexual desire.

Are you ready to learn how the mindset of seduction can be used to re-ignite the sexual spark in your marriage or relationship?

The 3 e-books and bonuses in the Marriage Enrichment special complement one another, giving you a powerful, wide range of marital/relationship tools—tools to help you protect your most valued asset, your marriage or relationship.

When you purchase this special offer, you automatically save 15% off what the e-books would cost if purchased separately.



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Rich Nicastro, Ph.D.