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Nurture your marriage and relationship with the Relationship Checkup E-WorkbookMarriage Checkup

Rich Nicastro, Ph.D.
Psychologist & Couples Therapist

If you haven’t had a marriage or relationship checkup,  you’re definitely not alone.

Now you have an opportunity to give your relationship the vital checkup it deserves.

Why your marriage or relationship needs a checkup:

Just like a medical checkup that gives you a picture of your overall physical health, a relationship checkup gives you a detailed picture of the areas of your relationship that are working well and are healthy, as well as the areas that require your attention.

As a psychologist and marriage therapist, I’ve worked with hundreds of couples, and I’m well aware of the challenges you and your spouse/partner face.

Maintaining a fulfilling marriage or relationship is usually quite difficult. The high rate of failed relationships and the soaring number of unhappy couples seeking counseling services confirm this.

I’ve witnessed many promising relationships deteriorate because the couples didn’t have a way to give their relationship the ongoing attention it deserved.

Your relationship is probably one of your most cherished assets—despite the challenges, couples often describe their marriage or relationship as a sanctuary that brings deep meaning to their lives.

Shouldn’t you protect something this important?

Shouldn’t you have a way to check the health of your marriage?

Love and commitment are obviously crucial, but they’re only one piece of the successful relationship puzzle.

The other part of the relationship puzzle?

Having the right tools to assess the overall health of your marriage or relationship.

After you complete your relationship checkup, you’ll have a roadmap that gives you vital information about:

  • The overall health of your marriage or relationship;
  • Potential marital/relationship problems that may need attention;
  • The resilient areas of your relationship to build upon;
  • Your strengths as a partner/spouse;
  • Powerful Relationship Coaching Questions to use with your Relationship Checkup results;
  • A detailed picture of the areas of the relationship where you and your partner see eye-to-eye;
  • A greater understanding of the areas of the relationship where you and your partner differ;
  • A visual, easy-to-reference relationship X-ray of your relationship checkup results.


What’s Included in Your Relationship Checkup Package:

  • A comprehensive, 44-item Relationship Checkup Questionnaire that helps you assess the major areas of your relationship;
  • The quick-reference Relationship Checkup Grid that gives you an X-ray of your relationship strengths as well as areas that need improvement;
  • The special report, Your Relationship Check-up is Long Overdue!, where you’ll discover what a relationship checkup can do for your relationship and common hurdles that can prevent you from giving your relationship the attention it needs;
  • A list of powerful Relationship Checkup Coaching Questions that I use with my clients—questions that you’ll use to help get your marriage/relationship moving in the right direction.


And here’s the best news of all: Once you receive your Relationship Checkup Package, the checkup can be used over and over again throughout the life of your marriage or relationship.

So now you have a way to give your relationship ongoing, regularly-scheduled checkups.

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I wish you and your relationship all the best.

With Appreciation,

Rich Nicastro, Ph.D.
Psychologist and Couples Therapist