Saving a Marriage After an Affair: A Wife’s Story (part 3)

(Welcome to the blog series dedicated to affair recovery. Guest blogger Valerie is generously sharing details with us about what her life was like after she discovered her husband’s infidelity. A big thank you to Valerie! This is the third installment in the series; feel free to read the previous two as well.) Is it Read More

Saving a Marriage after an Affair: A Wife’s Story (Part 2)

(I want to thank guest blogger Valerie for sharing her story about her husband’s infidelity and their affair-recovery journey toward healing. She doesn’t pull any punches as she describes the rawness  she felt after discovering his affair. To read her first article, click affair recovery journey.) Saving a Marriage after an Affair: A Wife’s Story Read More

One Wife’s Journey to Save Her Marriage After an Affair

In my role as psychologist and couples counselor, I work with many couples whose lives have been turned inside-out over an affair. Many of them want to heal from the wounds infidelity caused, and many of them do ultimately heal. Despite the fact that I have many years’ experience working with individuals who have been Read More

When Couples Fight: “Help! I Said Something I Can’t Take Back!”

We’ve all been in situations where we’ve had to bite our tongues, times when. we’ve felt justified in being angry—so much so that we surprise ourselves with the verbiage that pops into our heads. We want the other person to get an earful of our displeasure. Even through the haze of anger, though, we understand Read More

My Husband Wants Me to Be Happy and Sometimes This Causes Problems

If you’re a woman in a committed relationship, I’d like you to think about how your husband/partner reacts to you when you’re vulnerable — do your vulnerabilities bring out the best in him? Or does he react with annoyance, frustration or even anger? One wife wanted to share what she learned about her husband after Read More

How to Communicate with Your Husband: A Wife’s Story

Have you ever thought about what it means to have an emotional attachment to your partner? When your marriage or relationship is strong, you enjoy the benefits of emotional connection without ever needing to define it or put it under a microscope. But when emotional intimacy is lacking, you need to find the words for Read More

Marriage Advice From A Grateful Wife

(The following is written by a wife discussing the relationship struggles and marriage problems she and her husband face on occasion. And the couple’s “solution” has nothing to do with some magical secret, but rather represents hard work and a commitment to one another. Thank you, Lynn, for your honesty and for keeping it real! Read More

Do You Have a Fulfilling Life Outside of Your Relationship?

Our lives are a web of interconnections—what happens at work can spill over and impact how you interact with your partner; what happens between you and your partner affects your capacity to parent; how you treat and care for yourself influences how you treat others, and so on. In short, your relationship isn’t an island, Read More

Relationship Help: Are You Angry for the Reason You Think You Are?

John was so angry at his wife that he stormed out of the house and went for a walk. A half hour passed before he realized he was still wearing his pajama bottoms, so he turned around and started walking home (thankfully, he wasn’t seen by any neighbors!). On his return, John asked himself two Read More

Love and Fear: Learning to Love Fearlessly

We all exist in relationships (with loved ones, family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, etc.), and it is within these relationships that we often learn valuable life lessons. And one of the most important lessons that our relationships impart to us is the lesson of how to be in relationship. People hunger for relationship help information about Read More

A Husband’s Message of Gratitude

(Whenever I conduct couples workshops, at some point I ask the participants to write letters of gratitude to one another. This is often a powerful experience for the couples. One husband wanted to share his letter with my Strengthen Your Relationship blog readers. As you read this letter, think of your own relationship; envision your Read More

Getting Old-Fashioned For A Better Relationship

Relationship Help Quick Tip “We connect the old-fashioned way, by making time to visit with each other in the mornings or evenings.” ~Ted, married six years You might think Ted is from a past generation, from a bygone era where people placed a higher value on carving out face-to-face time to catch up, a time Read More

Marriage Help: The Power of Taking Ownership

Marriage and relationship help doesn’t always come from so called “relationship advice experts.”  Some of the best lessons that can help you strengthen your marriage/relationship come from other couples just like you—couples who have learned through experience, from their relationship mistakes. The relationship help tip below focuses on a very common occurrence in marriage and Read More

Relationship Help: Building Intimacy Through Mutual Sharing

Welcome to another installment of the Couple Spotlight. Successful couples have a great deal to teach us all about how to build and maintain a healthy marriage/relationship. Couple Spotlight: Meet Amelia and Faris, married thirty-two years. I was lucky enough to interview Amelia and Faris and I asked them to explain the longevity of their Read More

What a Long-distance Relationship Can Teach Us About Intimacy

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.” – Helen Keller Couple Spotlight: Meet Tara and Kenneth Tara and Kenneth have been married for a little over four years (they’ve been together almost seven). Like many couples, they’ve had their ups Read More