5 Ways to Jumpstart Your Relationship in the New Year

Well, another New Year is nearly upon us, and it’s that time when we think about fresh starts and resolutions. There’s nothing wrong with the concept of resolutions if that works for you; I prefer to talk about positive change in terms of jumpstarts, though. Many couples I work with who are seeking the keys Read More

A Husband’s Message of Gratitude

(Whenever I conduct couples workshops, at some point I ask the participants to write letters of gratitude to one another. This is often a powerful experience for the couples. One husband wanted to share his letter with my Strengthen Your Relationship blog readers. As you read this letter, think of your own relationship; envision your Read More

Relationship Help: 5 Tips to Survive & Thrive This Holiday Season

If it’s the season to be jolly… …then why are there so many stressed, beleaguered couples walking around? Is it more fitting to say, ‘Tis the season to feel tense, frustrated and constantly on-the-go?   Whether you’re feeling totally overwhelmed or slightly frustrated during the holiday season, it’s easy to lose perspective about what’s most Read More

Relationship Help: Boost Your Relationship by Expressing Gratitude

It’s easy to spot someone who is grateful; they exude a type of energy that you want to be around, an energy that draws people to them.  This shouldn’t come as a surprise, since research now shows that experiencing gratitude is actually good for you. Even better, the latest research demonstrates that gratitude is good Read More

Relationship Help: Sometimes a Small Change Makes a Big Difference

Relationship Help Quick Tip If you want to strengthen your marriage/relationship, think small: Pick one tiny behavior that you’ve wanted to change about yourself (or a behavior that drives your spouse/partner up a wall) and commit to changing it. You might be thinking “easier said than done.” But if it’s a small change–something that wouldn’t Read More

Marriage Help: How to Create Healthy Relationship Habits

Do you have good relationship habits? As a marriage/couples counselor I see a wide range of relationship problems–from the minor issues we all struggle with to major marital/relationship issues that are pulling a couple apart. While some couples are so incompatible it’s unlikely their marriage or relationship will survive, many of the couples I work Read More

Relationship Help: Don’t Forget to Highlight the Positives in Your Relationship

“We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude.” — Cynthia Ozick Consider this interesting research finding: Couples counseling that focused mainly on improving couples communication and problem-solving skills helped reduce negative patterns of communication but did not lead couples to feel emotionally closer to one another (emotional intimacy didn’t increase). Read More

Marriage help Sometimes Comes from Unlikely Places…

Couple Spotlight: Meet Joan and Frank (and how an old song turned their marriage around) To say that Joan and Frank were constantly arguing is an understatement—marital conflict and relationship problems had become the norm, and to adapt to this painful reality, the couple simply started avoiding one another. What little communication occurred centered on Read More