Communication in Marriage: Why Effective Communication Skills are Key

One of the most common complaints I hear from couples in my work as a marriage/couples counselor is that there has been a “Break-down in communication” that is hurting the marriage/relationship.


Words, or more importantly, how you communicate your experiences and reactions through your words, has an enormous, cumulative impact on your spouse/partner and the relationship. And, of course, the same holds true for how your partner communicates with you. It is through the ability to communicate effectively that you share your deepest longings and desires, needs/wants, fears and concerns…

Effective Communication Skills and Your Marriage

Unfortunately, effective communication is a serious challenge for many of us. This is especially true when one’s marriage or relationship is going through one of those inevitable rough spots—throughout the life of your relationship there will be numerous transition periods (for instance, after moving in together, when you become parents, when one or both of you change jobs), times when effective communication skills are paramount to avoiding serious marital/relationship problems and ultimately to help keep your relationship healthy.

Relationship Reality: Effective communication skills (like most skills) can be learned, but practice, patience and ongoing motivation is required. Couples frequently read “How to improve…” relationship books and articles, get excited about a new relationship help or communication tip, but then fail to make the continued effort needed to turn this new skill into a regular part of their relationship.

What does this mean for your relationship?

Reading about effective communication skills and how to improve your marriage/relationship is only part of the picture. Practicing these skills, even when it feels like your partner isn’t giving the same  amount of time and energy that you are toward the relationship, is vital to building a healthy marriage/relationship.

There’s no way to sugarcoat this: You must be persistent in practicing new skills.

Below you’ll find a wide range of information on my website about effective communication.

Couples Communication Resources

I) Free Resources for Improving Communication Skills

There are many free relationship help articles for you and your partner to fill your communication toolbox.

Click Effective Communication Skills to view my free relationship advice articles.

II)  I’ve created a low-cost resource designed for couples who are serious about improving communication skills.

Click Communication Book for more information about my popular ebook

I look forward to helping you become effective communicators!

Dr. Rich Nicastro

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