Does Sex in Marriage Have to Be Boring?

Committed, long-term relationships seem to get a bad rap whenever the discussion of sexual passion or great sex occurs. If you’re a couple who’s been together more than say, ten years or so, it’s generally assumed by those in newer relationships or marriages that your sex life is probably “fair” at best, interspersed with long stretches of sexual “ho-hum-ness.” And then there are those who have to settle for a sexless marriage or relationship, either because of sexual desire incompatibilities or due to years of relationship strain that have created an iron-clad wedge between partners.

But while a certain percentage of couples do struggle to create a fulfilling sex life, there are many who feel that the long-term foundation of their union has enhanced sexual intimacy and fulfillment rather than dampened it. For those couples, sex has become not only a means of giving and receiving sexual pleasure, but a powerful pathway to a deeper emotional connection as well.

As two people recently shared:

“My husband and I have been together for over twenty years, and while we may not have the quantity of sex we used to, when we do connect sexually it’s amazing. I feel so close to him for days and even weeks after sex. Quality over quantity is our mantra!” ~ Lauren, married for over twenty years

“We’ve always had a great sex life, and while there have been periods where sex fell off our radar for whatever reason, we have always found our way back. More often than not, we know how to drive each other wild. We see it as one of the strengths of our relationship.” ~ Malcolm, with his partner for sixteen years

Lauren and Malcolm are not alone. To read more about why sex in long-term relationships can be fulfilling, check out my recent article:

5 Reasons Why Married Sex Can Be Amazing

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Dr. Rich Nicastro

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