Effective Couples Communication: Are You Ready to Walk the Talk?

Most marriage/couples counselors agree that effective couples communication is the bedrock for a healthy, fulfilling relationship. Even distressed couples, when asked to explain why their relationship is in trouble, frequently point to a breakdown in communication as the culprit for their marriage/relationship problems.

But the irony is that most of us have never learned effective communication strategies, despite identifying communication as the centerpiece to a loving relationship. And too often, when couples do make a commitment to prioritizing communication in their relationships, despite their best efforts, they end up repeating the same old ineffective communication patterns while hoping for a different outcome.

When it comes to effective communication, information is king. And practice is queen. Information without practice is like a car without gas; while practicing without the proper information leads to more of the same: Stagnation, mutual frustration and a painful sense of helplessness.

Throughout my website, I offer numerous free articles (as well as communication workbooks available for purchase) to help you make effective communication a reality in your relationship. Here are two free articles/posts I’d like to bring to your attention today:

Relationship Help: 5 Ways to Get Him to Listen


Communication in Marriage: 3 Rules for Effective Communication

Ideally, you and your spouse/partner can read these together and develop a plan for using these communication strategies from this day forward. But even if you’re reading these on your own, you can begin using the information despite your partner’s resistance to joining you.

And as you try implementing these (and other) communication skills you learn, make sure to practice patience and more patience—expecting rapid results will only undermine your efforts.

All best,

Dr. Rich Nicastro

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