Have You Taken Your Relationship Vitamins Today?

If you’re anything like me, you are either forgetting to take your vitamins, or by midday, you’re wondering if you did take them before heading off to work. But my forgetfulness has changed ever since I started using one of those organizer pill boxes. You simply put the vitamins (or medication) you want to take for the entire week in their respective daily compartments and then the empty day-compartment is evidence that you’ve taken the pills for that particular day. Ingenious!

How is this relevant to your marriage/relationship?

The weekly pill box is a memory aid, a device to help you remember to do something on a particular day (it’s really helpful for repetitive tasks). This simple device gives you the external structure needed to be more organized, it increases your awareness about what’s important and it helps with follow-through.

Relationship Help: The Organizer Marriage/Relationship Box

Seeking marriage/relationship help to learn more effective skills (e.g. couples communication strategies) is one thing– being mindful enough to use these tools every day is a totally different issue altogether (and sometimes, the most important issue).  Many couples fail at the all important follow-through—they aren’t consistent and persistent in implementing the skills and strategies they’ve acquired (they fail to take their relationship vitamins each day).

A hurdle that often prevents couples from meeting each other’s needs (on a consistent basis) is when one or both parties feel over-scheduled, overwhelmed and over-stressed by the multitude of demands and their ever-expanding “to do” list.

Today’s frenetic pace of life is a recipe for forgetting to consistently prioritize each other and the relationship.

But what if you had a pill-box-like device that gave you daily reminders about the nutrients your relationship requires each day; a reminder to follow-through on one or two simple actions that can nurture your marriage/relationship?

You actually can use a pill box organizer for what I am suggesting (you can find all kinds of different-sized weekly reminder organizers on Amazon, for instance) or you can let your creative juices flow and make your own relationship box.

Daily Relationship Vitamins Required

And what will go into each daily compartment of your relationship organizer?

Reminders to give each other the relationship vitamins.  Consider every action you and your spouse/partner take to meet one another’s needs as a relationship vitamin.

To remember to give your relationship its daily required vitamins, you will simply write one or two words on a small piece of paper (a follow-through reminder) and place them in the daily compartments.

For instance, if your husband is wanting more recognition for what he does around the house, you might have the word “appreciation” on one piece of paper (you might place this in every compartment  if you’d like to express appreciation daily for an entire week, or you might include this reminder in the Monday, Wednesday and Friday compartments).

If your wife wants more displays of affection and affirmations of love, you might have a reminder that simply says, “hug” and another one that saying, “Say ‘I love you.'”

Remember, the intentions and behaviors designed to meet each other’s needs are the vitamins that strengthen your marriage/relationship.  Life will continually get in the way of you remembering this, so put your pride aside and use a relationship organizer.

Rule of Thumb: Keep it simple!

In the daily relationship organizer compartments, have only one or two reminders for what you’re going to follow-through on that particular day (it’s perfectly fine to have the same reminder for each day of the week). After you’ve completed the task for that particular day, make sure you take the paper-reminder out of its compartment. This is your evidence that you’ve followed-though for that day. Then repeat the process the next day.

Remember, the vitamins that keep your body functioning at its optimal level are needed daily—your relationship is no different.

Wishing you and your relationship all the best!

Dr. Rich Nicastro

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