How Do You Know If Your Relationship Is Healthy?

SYR Podcast # 1 Session Notes

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How do you know if your marriage or relationship is healthy?

To answer this question we must examine what is personally important to us in our own marriage or relationship. What is it that we strongly believe must exist in our relationship (the inclusion criteria) and, just as importantly, what must be absent (the exclusion criteria)?

At some level, we enter relationships guided by our inclusion-exclusion criteria though this may guide us from behind the veil of consciousness.

In today’s podcast you’ll be asked to examine your own criteria in order to examine the health of your marriage/relationship.

You’ll also discover:

  • What other couples look for in their relationship;
  • Why it’s preferable to seek connection over happiness as the barometer of healthy relationships/marriages;
  • Why the inclusion criteria of acceptance is central to having a healthy relationship;
  • How your inclusion-exclusion criteria lead to relationship expectations that exert a powerful influence over your experience;
  • The role of defensiveness, disconnection and loneliness in marital or relationship strife;
  • And more.

The more you connect with your own inclusion-exclusion criteria, the more fully conscious you’ll be in your marriage or relationship. And, hopefully, this knowledge will lead to meaningful conversations with your spouse/partner.


Dr. Rich Nicastro

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