Relationship Advice: The Importance of being an Emotionally Present Partner

Emotional intimacy requires emotional presence.

Part of the responsibility of being in a marriage or relationship is showing up day to day emotionally present for your spouse/partner. It’s easy to walk around like a zombie, distracted by the never-ending “to do” list floating around in your head.

Unfortunately, it seems like more and more couples struggle with being fully present for each other and also in their lives in general.

The commitment to your spouse/partner (that “for better or worse” vow) sends the message that you aren’t going anywhere, anytime soon. Now it’s time to go a step beyond that traditional commitment and make a commitment that’s vital for the health of your marriage/relationship:

Relationship Advice: Your Presence Commitment

A Presence Commitment goes something like this:

“Each day I will take time out of my busy schedule to share myself with my spouse/partner. During these moments I will work to be emotionally grounded so that I can focus only on him/her and the unfolding moment.”

Are you ready to make an emotional presence commitment?

Dr. Rich Nicastro

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