Relationship Help: A Reminder to Have Fun Together

 Relationship Help Quick Tip

Do you need to be reminded to have fun with your spouse/partner? 

When was the last time you and your partner played together?

Marriage and committed relationships should be fun—at least at times. But waiting for this to happen rather than actively making it happen are worlds apart.

If you’re thinking, “Have fun, are you crazy? We’re under so much stress! And there’s no time…” you’ve just made a convincing argument that fun is really needed in your marriage/relationship.

The challenge for couples is to find relationship BALANCE between the fun/leisurely aspects of their life and the stressful realities of living. No one is suggesting that you deny the very real stresses you and your partner face —that wouldn’t be a good idea.

For many couples, however, stress will always be seen as an obstacle to enjoyment and mutual play–and there will always be potential obstacles waiting in the wings to rob your relationship of play.

Beyond the issues related to stress, couples too often lose focus and stop creating the play-time needed for silliness, joy and abandon. For some, they make attempts to create play time but leave behind the mindset required to enjoy themselves and each other.

Without a playful attitude there will be no fun.

So here’s your reminder to have some fun together!

Dr. Rich Nicastro


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