Affair-Proofing Your Marriage (Part I–Affair Danger Zones)

Even if you tried, it’s nearly impossible to avoid hearing about Maria Shriver’s and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s separation and his disclosure that he was unfaithful, and as a result of his affair, fathered a child. While the family is left to make sense of and cope with this devastating information and the painful changes likely to result, many couples are left wondering about the security of their own marriage/relationship.

In my marriage/couples counseling practice, spouses/partners who have remained faithful and committed to each other (despite their particular struggles) are now wondering about the causes of infidelity, whether or not affairs are preventable, and just how affair-proof their relationship really is.  As one wife recently said, “Anyone I’ve ever known who had to deal with an affair once believed that it could never happen to them…”

Do you believe your marriage/relationship is immune to the slippery slope of infidelity? 

To read more about building an affair-proof relationship, click Marital Infidelity: 5 Danger Zones that Can Lead to an Affair

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