Relationship Help: Are You Up For A Relationship Challenge?

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Are you up for a seven day marriage/relationship enhancement challenge? 

Some of you will love this challenge and enthusiastically jump right in to what’s being asked.

But for others, this won’t be an easy task—you may even roll your eyes as you read. But before you click away from this page and head to your favorite YouTube video, I’d like to ask you something: If your immediate reaction is one of cynicism and doubt, what do you have to lose if you just give it a try? When we feed our cynicism, we set into motion events that will never bring about a desired outcome. Instead, try being open to your own potential and how it can enhance your relationship.

Without further adieu, the seven day relationship enhancement challenge:

Each day, for one full week, what if…

1) You act more compassionately in your marriage/relationship? (At least one deliberate, kind act toward your spouse/partner)

2) You work to better understand your own emotional vulnerabilities and triggers?

3) You work to better understand your spouse’s/partner’s emotional vulnerabilities and triggers?

4) You thank your partner at least once a day (and really mean/feel it!) for something s/he does, even for the small things that usually go unacknowledged?

5) You express some form of gratitude for something that makes your partner unique and special?

6) You make the conscious decision to focus your attention on the efforts your partner makes (even when his/her efforts fall short of your expectations and hopes)?

7) You decide not to react negatively to something that typically drives you crazy about your partner and instead, you acknowledge a strength of your partner’s that you admire?

In all fairness, these seven questions ask a great deal from you. So rather than feel overwhelmed by the scope of this challenge, try taking a few of the “what if” questions that you think are most relevant to your relationship and practice them each day for one week. (And if you like what they do for your relationship, continue practicing them for as long as you like!)

If your spouse/partner is willing to join you in this challenge, great! But if not, don’t let that deter you. You can attempt the challenge on your own and still notice the benefits to you and your relationship. Besides, moods and atmospheres have a way of being contagious, so if you give the challenge your all, the tone you set might encourage your partner to respond in kind. You’ve got nothing to lose, and so much to gain!

Wishing you a healthy relationship,

Dr. Rich Nicastro

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