Relationship Help Quick Tip: 5 Habits of Smart Couples

Relationship Tips: Smart couples realize the following:

Love isn’t enough for a healthy marriage/relationship. So these couples make concerted efforts to work their relationship by:

  1. Carving out time to be a couple—a safe space to check in and connect with each other, no matter how frenetic their life is;
  2. Monitoring how they speak to one another (at times, choosing their words wisely rather than “shooting from the hip”);
  3. Understanding that they each have a great deal of power in the relationship (the power to show respect, caring, support…as well as the power to hurt, devastate and wound each other);
  4. Continuously updating their expectations with the reality of what it takes to face the challenges of a long-term, committed relationship (realizing that mistakes will be made, perfection is an illusion, flexibility is a must…);
  5. Working to accept each other’s inherent differences rather than trying to control and change each other.

These are just some of the habits of smart couples. And one of the most important habits to remember is that being a smart couple is always a work in progress!

Are you ready to start practicing the habits of smart couples?

Wishing you and your relationship all the best!

Dr. Rich Nicastro

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