5 Ways to Jumpstart Your Relationship in the New Year

Well, another New Year is nearly upon us, and it’s that time when we think about fresh starts and resolutions. There’s nothing wrong with the concept of resolutions if that works for you; I prefer to talk about positive change in terms of jumpstarts, though. Many couples I work with who are seeking the keys Read More

Couples Communication for Men: The Communication-Connection Link

Effective couples communication is a means to a particular end: Communication leads to greater emotional closeness (emotional intimacy). Too many men fail to realize that for their spouse/partner, in many situations, this is the only goal of communication, not problem-solving or advice about what to do in a particular circumstance (if you feel the need Read More

Are You Having a Hard Time Listening to Your Spouse/Partner?

Couples Communication: Is your brain being programmed not to listen? I recently read that neuroscientists (people who study the way the brain works) are speculating that ongoing exposure to the Internet may actually alter the wiring of people’s brains—especially all those young developing  brains that spend hours being inundated with multiple streams of information. After Read More